Previous ASF Scholarship Recipients

Mia Nelson - CA Polytechnic State University
Ben Haslund - UCSB
Nicholas Leck-Nielsen - Northern Arizona University

Emily Knuutinen - Pitzer College
Dylan Rogers - Cornell University
Daniel Wagstaffe - Pepperdine University

Lauren Rasmussen - California Lutheran University
Ben Van Der Kar
- SB City College

Cole Patterson - UC Berkeley
Courtlin Stoker - SB City College

Angela Carty - Westmont
Lena Fredrickson
Lena Fredrickson - North Park University

Elisabeth Anderson - SBCC
Sofie Fredlund-Blomst - UC Berkeley
Kevin Kihlstrom - Azusa or Westmont
Neils Thorlaksson - SBCC

Kristine Eckert
Brittany Jensen (Renewal)
Lauren Lastra (Renewal)
Taylor Voorhis

Brittrany Jensen
Lauren Lastra
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Hallfridur (Adda) Birnir
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Eric Broberg
Marian Van Der Kar
Aaron Villa
Holly Wilson

Caitlin Carty, recipient of the Martin and Anna Lundberg Scholarship

Lily Broberg
Robyn Christian
Helena Joyce
Holly Wilson

June 2016,

Dear American Scandinavian Foundation,

I am very grateful that you have once again decided to award me with the scholarship. It has been very helpful to both my family and me and is a great honor . I unfortunately will not be able to attend the scholarship luncheon this Saturday. I am thankful for all your support, and I hope I give the Foundation reason to support me in the future. Thank you again.

Luke Larsen


June 2016,

Dear American Scandinavian Scholarship Fund,

I am writing this letter to formally express my thanks for the scholarship that your organization granted me for the upcoming school year. I will use this money to pursue my goal of obtaining a degree in Business and Marketing from the university of Oregon starting in the Fall of 2016. I am very much looking forward to my college experience and the skills that it will provide me for the future. Upon receiving my degree from the University of Oregon, I plan on entering the business world. I hope to bring together my interest in business with my passion for the culinary arts by opening up and managing restaurants throughout Santa Barbara - I want to give the people of Santa Barbara the opportunity to explore the cuisines of the world in fun, friendly environments.

My dream is dependent upon receiving a comprehensive education at the University of Oregon and this would not be possible without your generosity. My parents have always striven to ensure that I want for nothing, but the cost of college has put an addition strain on them. They work tirelessly to make my dreams a reality and so I greatly appreciate that your fund has
allowed me to lessen that burden.

My Scandinavian heritage has always been very important to my family as well as myself. Being of both Norwegian and Finnish descent, some of my favorite memories are of my grandmother singing Finnish songs that she learned as a child from her mother. I vividly remember sitting in her living room one night with my parents, siblings, and cousins as she began quietly singing. As she sang louder and louder, everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to listen to her. I have learned about the history of Scandinavia and my family's place in the society, but I am excited of the prospect of traveling to Norway and Finland to learn firsthand about my past. Visiting these places will not only give me a better understanding of who the Norwegians and Finns are, but also give me more insight into who I am.

Once again, I would like to thank the American Scandinavian Scholarship Fund for providing me with the opportunity to realize my dream of earning my degree in Business and Marketing from the University of Oregon. With this money, I will be able to follow my passion and reach my highest potential. The assistance that the fund gives to aspiring college students is truly admirable and I hope that once I becom e successful I will be able to return the favor and give back to those who yearn to achieve their dreams, but just need a l ittle helping hand.

Thank you ,
Hope Dalton


7th June 2016

Dear American Scandinavian Foundation,

I enjoyed having the opportunity to meet your foundation members at the scholarship lunch in May. Thank you for awarding me such an honor as this scholarship and giving me a wonderful lunch. Your foundation has special meaning to me being the granddaughter of a full blooded Finn.

I admire the Foundation's strong commitment to supporting the local Scandinavian youth and givng us a chance to afford higher education.

Gratefully yours,

Brooke Darling Redell


May 12,2016

American Scandinavian Foundation Ellen Zissler
Box 41502
Santa Barbara , CA 93 140

Dear Ellen ,

Our most gratifying moments of the year are taking place right now as we send award notices to students informing them of the good news. Before we publicly disclose our scholarships for 2016, we wanted to write to thank you for making this our most successful year yet.

In a few days we will announce that 3,016 students will receive $8.74 million in scholarship support this year. I hope you will take a moment to celebrate what a huge accomplishment this really is - more than 3,000 lives changed thanks to you and your generous contribution.

As you know, each student has a unique story. They come from many different backgrounds , each with special goals and specific needs. Yet, each has one thing in common: that with your financial support, with your belief in them, his or her dream of college will come true.

To hear more about what is taking place at the Scholarship Foundation, we would love you to join us at one of our "Conversations with Candace" this summer. As Candace celebrates her first anniversary at the helm, she really wants to connect with you, our partner. We invite you to attend an informal conversation at our offices:

In Santa Barbara at 2253 Las Positas Rd. on June 15 from 10-11 AM.
In Santa Barbara at 2253 Las Positas Rd. on June 28 from 4-5 PM.
In Santa Maria at 120 E. Jones St. on June 29 from 12:30-l:30 PM.

Kindly RSVP to Molly Kemper at 805-687-6065 or mkemper@sbscholarship.org. We also want to update you on two changes that have impacted how we provide scholarships.

This coming fall, the Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) Foundation will implement the SBCC Promise, a program to cover the full cost of tuition , books, fees, and supplies for eligible students graduating from high schools within southern Santa Barbara County - from Gaviota to Carpinteria - for 24 consecutive months.

In effect, SBCC is offering local high school graduates free education for two years, removing the need for scholarship support from the Scholarship Foundation for this group of students.

The SBCC Promi se is terrific for our community and we are delighted to be partnering with the SBCC Foundation to both educate high school students about this opportunity and provide scholarships to SBCC student s wh o are ineligible for the Promise and/or are ready to transfer to a four-year college to earn their bachelor degrees.

The other change relates to stud ents who are considered AB540 eligible in California. This law allowed certain non-U.S. citizens who have attended high school in Californi a and received a high school diploma or its equivalent an exemption from the payment of non-resident tuition at California colleges and universities. The California Dream Act expand ed the scope of AB540 to allow these non- U.S. citizens to receive state aid to fund their education, namely Cal Grants.

In light of this change, the Scholarsh ip Foundati on reviewed best practices and responses of our peers who engage and support these students - community-based found ation s and scholarship providers, private and state-funded colleges and universities.

Nearly all of th ese institutions provide AB540 students the same access to financial aid as U.S. citizens. We realized that we were out of step on this issue; in particular with state law. The board recently made the policy decision to include AB540 students as eligible to receive scholarship funding from our unrestricted dollars.

Donors may choose whether or not to include AB 540 students in the selection pool for their scholarship funds. We will reach out to all fund donors in the fall to determine their preference.

If you would like more information about these recent developments or if you have question s, please contact us. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

You are a critical part of our work and we value our partnership. We know first-hand how education can change the trajectory of an individual's life and how it can transform the strength and resiliency of communities. Thank you for all that you do to support our students!

All our best,
Candace Winkler,
MPA MSW President and CEO




Dear Ellen,

An incredibly engaged community has the power to change lives.

You helped demonstrate that power this year through your generous support of the Scholarship Foundation. Together, we awarded $8.74 million in May to 3,016 deserving students from across Santa Barbara County.

Behind that statistic are thousands of individual students, each with his or her own story of how scholarship support is providing hope, opportunit y, and encouragement. It's my pleasure to share with you a letter of gratitude from the student(s) you will support in the upcoming academic year.

Thank you for being a part of our community.

Candace Winkler
President & CEO




June 5, 2013

To the American Scandinavian Foundation,

I would like to thank you for the tremendous help the scholarship you have offered me will be for my family and I.  I have striven to preform at top levels academically, and plan to continue that trend in college.  I am confident that college is going to be an amazing opportunity for me to really find what I love to do and hope to excel in for the future.  Your financial help has shone a significantly brighter light on my expectations for my college experience, and I know that every cent of it will be well utilized.  I am so excited to begin my education at the University of Oregon.  I have my heart set on taking advantage of every opportunity it offers me, and preparing myself to earn my Bachelors degree, and then on to my Masters degree.  I am so grateful that you chose me for this award. It is incredibly rewarding to feel appreciated for the hard work I have put into my academics and extracurricular activities.
In no time al all, I can proudly call myself a Duck!
Rachel Bergseteren Strange




November 21, 2011

I am Kristin Van Der Kar, and I recieved the American Schandinavian Association Scholarship. I would like to thank everyone in the association, for awarding me with this  scholarship. It has greatly helped me further me education. I am finishing up my first semester at Santa Barbara City College. I took 14.5  units which included: Child Development Psychology; English Compositition and  Reading; Child, Family, and Community which is an Early Child  Education class; a gym class, and Statistics for Behavioral Sciences. I have  just enrolled in my spring classes which include English, College Algebra, Physical Oceanography along with its lab, and an Early Childhood Education  course, aswell as possibly a communication class, if they are not all full. I  am enjoying Santa Barbara City College very much, and feel I am getting a  fantastic education. I am majoring in Psychology, but I aspire to be a teacher  in the younger grades. Over winter break I am going to visit both UC San Diego, and San Diego State, two schools which I am interested in transfering  to after next year. During spring break I will visit UC Santa Cruz,  another school I may be interested in transfering to. I am very excited for  Santa Lucia, which is coming up rapidly!!!

 -Thank you so much, Kristin Van Der Kar


November 28, 2010

Dear Einar,

I opened your letter to Ben and I am writing on his behalf because ben is in Santigo, Chile, while studying on an Education Abroad Program with SBCC. The award of the ASFSB Scholarship was pivotal in funding Ben’s semester abroad. He has spent 6 weeks studying and living in Buenos Aires and is currently in his 6th and last week of studies in Santiago, Chile.

While he hasn’t had much chance in practicing his Swedish (!!) he is becoming fluent in Spanish which is one of his goals. In this program he has had 3 hours of Spanish a day as well as classes in Latin American literature and culture. He will return to SBCC for Spring Semester and take Intercultural Communications and Spanish Conversation. By the time he finishes SBCC in Spring he will have fulfilled all his general education requirements for graduation from a 4-year college and will be able to concentrate on his major in World Language and Culture.

He is also planning in taking classes in Agricultural Business, as he is very interested in working in the avocado industry. Next fall he will enter Cal State University in Monterey Bay or UC Santa Cruz. Ben has enjoyed every class he has taken at SBCC and has been very happy with the semester in South America. We are so fortunate to have an excellent Junior College in Santa Barbara which is preparing young people for their futures. Ben will be home the 6th of December.

Love, Sally

(Sally Van Der Kar, Ben’s mother)


November 30, 2010

Dear Scholarship Committee:

I would like to say thanks again for the Scholarship for my Freshman year in college. Since the last time I talked to you all things have been great. I am still attending Cal Lutheran (University) and loving every second of it. My major at school is:

“Exercise Science/Sport Medicine” and my classes are starting to focus on that topic and it is becoming very interesting to me.

I am also on the track team. This will be my second year participating on that team. Last year was a huge success for me as a freshman and I am already training for the coming season.

Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any help to you. Hope all is well.

Lauren Rasmussen




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