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Mission Statement of the ASF of Santa Barbara

The mission of ASFSB is to promote international understanding by preserving and sharing Scandinavian heritage and culture with our community.

ASF Committees

The Program Committee
Heidi Poley, Chair
Lilli Tragos
Cindy Holland
Vibeke Einhorn
Ellen Zissler
Hazel Oetjen
June Morrison

Scholarship Committee
Art Kvaas, Chair
Brooke Van Der Kar
Gene Johnsen
Helen Talkin

Outreach Committee consisting of the following sub-committees:


Daisy Ritter, Chair
Cindy Holland
Lilli Tragos

Ellen Zissler, Chair
Peter Haslund

Web site
Susanne Nagy, webmaster
Lilli Tragos, website coordinator

Peter Haslund
Heidi Bergseteren

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» ASF Officers and Board

President.....Melitta Haslund
Vice President.....Vacant
Treasurer.....Heidi Poley
Board members for 2017-2018:

Melitta Haslund
Peter Haslund
Art Kvaas
Heidi Poley
Lilli Tragos
Brooke Van Der Kar
Ellen Zissler
Peder Estrup
Wayne Goldwyn
Tina Jørgensen Jougla
Heidi Bergseteren

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