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Happy Special day to those born in the month of October

10.1 Marjorie Johnsen
10.19 Peter Haslund
10.25 Glen Neikirk

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Lecture night with Professor Apostolos Athanassakis Sat, Oct. 16, 2010, 3:00pm
» Danish Days a Real Treat from the SB news Press on Thu. Sep. 23rd
» Scandinavian History Buffs!!
» Visiting Vasa Park by Heidi Poley
» Picture from the Tea Party
» Funeral Notices - Edward Raymond Beltran

Lecture night with Professor Apostolos Athanassakis Saturday, October 16, 2010, 3:00pm

Professor Apostolos Athanassakis is a classics scholar who has authored 100 publications including ten books and has taught at UCSB for nearly thirty years. He has received many honors, among these the Alumni Teaching Award for his positive impact on the lives of his students and his inspirational teaching.

He studied the Scandinavian languages and was director of the UC program in Lund, Sweden from 1978-1979. He spent time in Iceland and became interested in Icelandic poetry and the Icelandic sagas and has served as vice president of the ASFSB due to his interest in Scandinavia.

In his talk on October 16 he will highlight the roots of Icelandic poetry and the sagas’ relationship to other literature as well as the origin of the Icelandic language.

Icelandic literature is often hailed as one of the miracles of the Middle Ages and is still read today. The sagas depict family intrigue and blood feuds and often describe many instances where women counsel caution to their male relatives like in blood feud for family honor.

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Danish Days a Real Treat from the SB news Press on Thursday Sept 23rd

For 74 years, Solvang has been welcoming locals and tourists for a three-day-long fest that includes two parades,music, lots of street dancing,eating contests cultural heritage awareness and more.

But most accounts last weeks "It's Sooo Danish" celebration was a success. And organizers are already planning a sizeable bash for next September,which marks both the 75th Anniversary of Danish Days weekend and the 100th anniversary of the founding of Solvang."

Max Hanberg and Hans Birkholm are the co-chairs and they said that the crowds were bigger than before and they added a beer garden with a live band that was a crowd pleaser.

The Elverhoj Museum had a packed house according to Esther Jacobsen Bates the museums Executive Director. They do need more people to volunteer and help with next years anniversary celebrations.

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Scandinavian History Buffs!!

  Norsemen Landing in Iceland - Published in 1909

Read about a Viking Mystery discovered in 2008. You may wish to read the Smithsonian Magazine for October on the News Stands now.

There is a lengthy article on how archaeologists have uncovered a medieval atrocity that colored the course of English History right under Oxford University ground. A mass grave of Viking Warriors was discovered.

The Vikings waged over 50 battles and were fought between the Anglo Saxons and Scandinavians most often on British soil. Some of the first Viking attacks were in AD 795 on an undefended monastic community at Lindisfarne in the Northeast of England. The 300 years or so of Scandinavian pillaging, and slave trading were spurred on by a recession at home, the need for more revenues for the powerful Chieftans and their ability to build ships that could withstand longer and longer voiges along the English Coast.

Vikings were well known for their vast trading networks and European Slave Trading where its estimated tens of thousands of kidnapped Irish, Scotch, Anglo Saxons and other nationalities were bought and sold.

The likely event that caused the death of the Viking Warriors slaughtered in the Oxford burial site was King Althelreds, who after paying the Viking mercenaries 24,00 pounds in Silver to keep the peace, turned on the Danes and attacked them. Some of the mercenary Vikings turned on Althelred and broke the truce. Althelred unleashed one of the most heinous acts of mass murder in English history committed on St. Brice's Day Nov. 13 1002.

Althelreds massacre of the Danes holed up in a church likely set in motion events that culminated in King Svein of Denmark launching his own attack on Anglo-Saxon England. If you want more information on what happened next pick up your copy at the Library.

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Visiting Vasa Park by Heidi Poley

It was a lovely day at Vasa park this year. Yes, of course it was hot and one of these years I plan to make it to their pool. I see so many people, of all ages, very refreshed looking coming down the stairs after taking a dip in the pool.

This year my sister was here so we had a nice mom, sister, myself & my daughter, Jessica. Of course if you have a 6 year old with you she will want to be in the jumper most of the time so that is where we.

For lunch, there was the 2nd annual meatball contest. Nine lodges all competing for the trophy! They were all so different, some with sauces, some made with pork, some just with beef, and some with lots of spices. To choose just one was not very easy but we did manage to choose our favorite.

Shopping is always fun too. There are many vendors along the walk from hand made Swedish gifts to imports, a good place to do a little early Holiday shopping.

The dancers are always wonderful with the traditional costumes dancing away in 100 degree shade! I remember dancing with my costume when I was young. Brings back memories. Hopefully, they were able to jump in the pool after!

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Funeral Notices

Edward Raymond BELTRAN - 1-23-28 to 9-5-10

WW2, Korea, Chosin Reservoir, 1950 Veteran.
An unsung hero, a man of Chosin has bid us a last farewell. He fought until his last breath, this time not to win. God above, that ultimate command wanted him instead. So now no more pain, peace has conquered his soul. With this he leaves memories of past. Medal of Honor nominee, for which he received Bronze Star with Valor, Legion of Merit, Three Purple Hearts, Silver Star & numerous others. The only thing that is missing is the Medal of Honor which he truly deserved, but of course he was only an enlisted man. Audy Murphy once told him, You deserved it more than I did, you have have been had. SNAFU. Perhaps post humulus. Ed was a fantastic Pen & Ink artist mostly military & historic drawings. It seems to had been his calling. He was also a great chef & restaurateur. Once owner of Ciscos on Milpas some years ago. He was born eldest son of John & Adelaide Lozoia Beltran & is a seventh generation Santa Barbarian. He leaves behind his beloved wife Liv-Anna, brother Bill, 3 sons, Eddie, James & Jon, 2 daughters, Desere & Denice, & their 6 children, 1 step daughter Janice, husband & 2 children & Glenn, his wife & 2 sons; numerous relatives & friends. Especially Jim Worthen, Bob Burton & Dennis Merenbaeh, who stood by Ed til the end. They were also a great comfort to me, his wife, for this I will be forever grateful. Thank you goes out to all doctors & nurses & caretakers, the V.A. too, whom tended to Eds welfare & comfort. All at Buena Vista Care Facility a most humble Thank You. A celebration of Eds life will be announced at a later date. An old soldier, a Marine never dies, he just fades away.

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