Activities in 2010 - May Scholarship Event

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June 27
Potluck Picnic - sign up

Young Viking Tea Party - sign up

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ASF Scholarship Lunch - May 8th, 2010
The Scholarship luncheon is an annual lunch to honor the scholarship recipients. For those who have donated to the scholarship fund, thank you. This is a celebration to you, too, for your generosity.


Santa Barbara City College Gourmet Dining Room

The 2010/2011 ASF Scholarship Recipients are:
Emily Knuutinen
Dylan Rogers
Daniel Wagstaffe
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Dylan, Emily, Daniel

Lilli Tragos and Faiza Fawaz Estrup

Peter Haslund

Colette Hadley

Daniel, Vienna, Emily & Dylan (Einer in the background)

Dylan Rogers

Emily Knuutinen

Daniel Wagstaffe

The best cake ever !

Jean and Heidi

Margorie Johnsen & Betty Ordung

Christine Groppe and Elizabeth Youker

Art and Ellen


Susanne and Vienna

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